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Ear Party [products]

Ear Party

All our earrings and ear charms can be worn as pairs or singles. From solo hoops to single stud earrings, play around with your favourite pieces, match them and mismatch them, style them your own way and start your Ear Party.

Single stud earrings

Beauty lies in the details. Wear our single stud earrings as solos, mismatch them and stack them together for a sophisticated and playful look.

With single earrings there are no rules. It’s up to you to pair and unpair, match and mismatch depending on your mood or outfit. Express yourself, make up new combinations, wear pieces that apparently clash creating contrast and drawing attention. We love stacking single stud earrings with stones in different colours or stone-settings. You can never go over the top with studs. Our collection features a whole range of single stud earrings with different shapes and designs such as our shark tooth stud earrings, our constellation studs, snake stud earrings and many more tiny art pieces.

Single hoop earrings

If you want to make a statement, then go for single hoop earrings. Hoops are timeless and never out of trend. Wear them as single hoop earrings to give your look that extra touch of style. Whether you’re going for huggie earrings or hoops, styling them as singles will give your style that arty touch.

Ear Party

Can I wear one earring in style?

Of course, single earrings are the best way to express your very own style, personality, or mood. Start with a single earring and build it from there. Mingle and mismatch sizes, colours, and designs for a stylish single Ear Party.

How do you mismatch earrings?

There are no rules for mismatching earrings. There are plenty of dimensions you can play around with like shapes, lengths, colours, and designs; just let yourself be creative. Single stud earrings are always a good place to start. Pick a stud to wear on each ear and then stack them with single drop earrings or single hoops. Wearing different hoop sizes is another way of giving a touch of playful style to your ears. Then, you can decorate your mismatched hoop earrings with mismatched ear charms.

Mingle. Mismatch. Stack. Repeat.