Bracelet + Necklace = Free earrings


When you buy the bracelet and the necklace.
Available in 7 colours.

This offer is valid from May 1st - June 30th 2019 online and at selected retailers.

* The colours must be the same for each set.

Free<br> Earrings*

How to order online?

Step 1.
Select your favourite set and add all to the basket.
Step 2. You won’t be charged for the earrings at the checkout.
Step 3.The set will be shipped to you free of charge.

At selected retailers

Step 1.
Try on one of our iconic necklaces.
Step 2. Add the matching bracelet.Purchase both.
Step 3. Your jeweller will gift you the earrings.

Wear them and enjoy!

Our jewels love being worn together!

Bracelet + Necklace = Free earrings
Wear them! Love them! Dance with them!