Spring in the City

Get inspired by the spring summer collection.

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Want this Look?

1.    Get your nails ready:  Before starting, push back your cuticles, de-grease your nails with a nail polish remover, then file them and smooth out the surface.


2.    Apply the base coat: This transparent layer of polish protects your nails against discoloration and strenghtens them at the same time.  Each brand produces its own base coat and qualities vary. It’s all about choosing one that works with your nails.


3.    Applying the color:  If you are looking for a good cover,  it’s best to apply 3 thin layers, rather than 2 thick layers.  Make sure your hand is flat on a table while applying the polish. Polish your nails up to a 1mm from the cuticle for a beautiful effect.  Take your time while doing this.


4.    Applying the gold foil: While the polish is still damp, not too wet and not too dry, apply the gold foil. Pat it down. Finish with a top coat to protect the polish and to give your nails extra shine.  


Step 1



Step 2



Step 3



Step 4


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