The Atelier of TI SENTO - Milano

It is early morning when I enter the Atlier of TI SENTO –Milano. The Atelier was born when the centuries turned. Their goldsmiths were the first to bring gold standards to silver jewellery; the first to give silver the love and attention it deserved. I am excited to find out how their jewellery is crafted.

As I walk into the Atelier, it’s like finding the treasure at the end of a rainbow. Chunks of silver and facetted blue and green crystals are scattered over the worktables as the goldsmiths bring the designs to life.

The TI SENTO - Milano Atelier is a space full of contradictions. It’s a mix of bustling energy and intense focus. The goldsmiths are not working with gold but with silver. They are breaking the rules and following their hearts, creating sophistication with a twist by adding a bit of spice to their final creations. Their designs rock.

Over by the sun lit window, I’m drawn to one of the craftsmen; her hands are as black as soot as she carefully places a finely cut crystal into the claws of the pendant. “Yes, we definitely love to get our hands dirty to make yours shine”, she says as she smiles at me. Then her focus is intense again and I watch her eyes sparkle as she adjusts the claws just right. She gives it one last polish and places it gently into a box full of silk and closes the lid with satisfaction.

She begins her next piece.

We love to get our hands dirty to make yours shine


In-house designs

All TI SENTO - Milano jewellery is designed in-house by our own design department. We closely follow new trends and work eighteen months ahead on our new creations. This enables TI SENTO designs to consistently be on-trend.

TI SENTO - Milano has set its sights high. We offer jewellery of the highest quality at a very affordable price. This applies to everything: from the hand-set stones to every little detail of the finish. Bracelet fasteners are often part of the design. The clip ring, to which multiple pendants can be attached, is used as a decorative fastener on a necklace. A number of rings, bracelets and pendants have a “Gallery” on the inside of the piece. This completes the appearance of each piece and makes it easy to wear.

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