TI SENTO - Milano

Goldsmiths with a deviated  taste: we don’t love gold. It is silver that makes our hearts tick. Silver Its its raw radiance that makes us want to draft and craft. No, it is certainly not what is expected of goldsmith, but yes, we do it regardless.

As crafting silver is what we do best.  The atelier of Ti Sento Milano was born when the centuries turned. Our smiths were the first to bring gold standard to silver jewellery, the first to give silver the love and quality it deserved. Together we stopped listening to judgements and flew out of our jewellery pigeonholes. Up up up we went, up up up we go. 

Today, we still love to get our hands dirty to make yours shine. Contradictions are our inspiration. Off the beaten track is our way to go. Sometimes we love, sometimes we fight; we do whatever feels right. We add a hint of pepper to sophisticated styles, because mixing sugar with spice brings the whoop whoop to our lives.

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