‘’The future is in (y)our hands’’: TI SENTO - Milano's Autumn Winter collection 2020


The jewellery brand TI SENTO – Milano launches its new Autumn Winter collection with an encouraging message for all: the future is in (y)our hands!

The new TI SENTO collection finds inspiration in the charming world of the 70’s. An opulent world of art deco revival redesigned for present-day magic. At the heart of the brand’s retro style are malachite green, black onyx and turtle green stones. And, of course, vintage gold plating!

In the context of uncertain times, the brand gives a positive message for the future. Arrows are new iconic TI SENTO pieces symbolising strength and direction. Designed as whole arrows or stylised arrow feathers, the designs play with geometries and contrasts of colour. The star designs are another big protagonist of the collection. In the words of Art Director Lilian Van Zuylen: “They are reminders to keep our eyes up at the stars and our feet grounded on earth”.

The collection features three main themes: Malachite lights, Vintage Magic and Wonders of past and future. Each theme represents a particular style and carries a special message.

Additionally, the New Collection features a Red Carpet limited set! The protagonists here are the signature snake showpieces which are gold-plated with emerald green stones and finished with shimmering white zirconia. Extremely iconic and luxurious statement pieces.

Our summary of the TI SENTO Autumn Winter 2020 collection? A pure balance of design, high quality and sense of beauty.

The brand will launch its New Collection on September 1st, this year in Virtual Reality! A bold approach taken in the face of covid-19 related restrictions in order to communicate directly with their retailers and distributors around the world.

TI SENTO – Milano launch T-mall Flagship Store in China

Amsterdam, 16 August 2020

Today, TI SENTO – Milano, the European jewellery brand, has launched its digital flagship store in China on Alibaba’s B2C e-commerce platform Tmall Global.

Founded in 2003, TI SENTO - Milano, called 蒂姗特 in Chinese, is a European affordable luxury jewellery brand headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since its change in strategy TI SENTO has developed rapidly the past three years and currently has over 3000 selling points in more than 30 countries around the world. The combination of digital channels and department stores as well as online and offline integration, makes TI SENTO gradually become synonymous with a new generation of high-end silver jewellery worldwide.

“We have spent a good year to understand the Chinese market but above all the Chinese consumer. Chinese women are independent, confident, beautiful and fashionable. Jewellery has become an important part of their daily wear. The size and importance of the Chinese market should not be underestimated. We know it requires focus, understanding, patience and experience. The foundation we have set over the past 17 years and the change in our global strategy will allow us to really focus on this. I am convinced that we can combine local opportunities with global goals to take the brand to the next level.” Says CEO Arjan van Zuylen

A recent article on Jing Daily titled The Rise of China’s Girl Boss — Luxury’s Newest Target details that “Despite a deep-seated patriarchal culture, China is one of the world’s top countries regarding executive gender equality. It now has the world’s highest proportion of women working in senior management positions, the second-largest percentage of female CEOs, and a full half of the world’s self-made female billionaires. Living in a traditionally male-dominated country at an entrepreneurial zeitgeist, these women want designs that accentuate both professional poise and femininity.”

Therefore, “A design for women by women seems like the perfect way to satiate the Sheconomy’s new appetites.”

“TI SENTO - Milano is a brand designed for women by women. I can’t wait to see Chinese women wear our jewellery. TI SENTO is looking forward to meet the needs and expectations of Chinese women to provide them with more diverse jewellery choices. We are very excited to cooperate with Tmall Global, so that our Chinese friends can easily and quickly own TI SENTO jewellery." Continues Design and Art director Lilian van Zuylen

TI SENTO foray into the Chinese market started more than a year ago, supported by Five Degrees, a Dutch-Chinese boutique consultancy that helps Western companies enter and navigate the Chinese market. “After a period of hard work in uncertain market conditions, where we have helped build the foundation of TI SENTO's China operations, team and partner network, we are confident that they are ready to capture the hearts and minds of women across China”, says Bei Wang, Chairman of Five Degrees, a female business leader herself.

About : TI SENTO – Milano. Goldsmiths who love silver | since 2003.

Founded in 2003, TI SENTO – Milano is a European affordable luxury jewellery brand with headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands, focusing on high-end silver jewellery. It is inspired by the exquisite elegance of Italian fashion, emphasising handmade craftsmanship and attention to details. All TI SENTO jewellery is made with 925 sterling silver. In order to give the silver an extra shine and protection, our jewellery are always platinum plated, or yellow gold or rose gold plated.

We create timeless pieces that are distinctive yet wearable, and encourage women to follow their heart, dare to show their true selves by Mixing & Matching.

TI SENTO – Milano adds Virtual Reality layer to its business model


Amsterdam brand TI SENTO - Milano announces the launch of its Autumn Winter 2020 Collection 'The future is in your hands'… this time in Virtual Reality! The brand offers a novel solution for retailers around the world to experience the New Collection in Virtual Reality.

“Different times require us to think differently. We go for bold.” says Arjan van Zuylen, CEO and Co-Owner at TI SENTO -Milano. “We have created a VR experience around our AW20 collection launch".

The Virtual Collection launch will include:

  • A 360 degree experience of the new Autumn Winter 2020 Collection
  • Launch of the new campaign video
  • VR presentation by Head of design Lilian van Zuylen on the new creations worn by super model Ymre Stiekema
  • Presentation of the complete Autumn Winter 2020 Collection
  • Direct communication from the brand to all global retailers (in 7 languages!)

In the face of the current covid-19 restrictions, the brand takes a bold approach to divert the obstacle of not being able to visit their retailers around the world. And there was no room for mediocrity! One hundred and fifty new pieces, including a Red Carpet limited set, will all be presented through a novel and exciting virtual reality headset.

About : TI SENTO – Milano. Goldsmiths who love silver | since 2003.

The Atelier of TI SENTO – Milano was born when the centuries turned. Their goldsmiths were the first to bring gold standards to silver jewellery; the first to give silver the respect and attention it deserved. Walking into the TI SENTO atelier is like finding the treasure at the end of a rainbow. Silver and stones are scattered over the worktables as their goldsmiths bring their own designs to life.

The TI SENTO - Milano Atelier is a space full of contradictions. It’s a mix of bustling energy and intense focus. The goldsmiths are not working with gold but with silver. They break the rules and follow their hearts, creating sophistication with a twist

TI SENTO - Milano x Danie Bles 

TI SENTO - Milano x Danie Bles

Long awaited TI SENTO - Milano x Danie Bles collection now available


The highly anticipated collection of TI SENTO - Milano in collaboration with stylist Danie Bles is available today at jewelers, the ByDanie Vintage Store and online at www.tisento-milano.com. Lilian van Zuylen, Head of Design at TI SENTO – Milano and Fashion Entrepreneur Danie Bles have joined together at the beginning of this year and designed a collection with colorful details inspired by summer destinations. Highlights of the collection are the medallion and the statement ring with colored stones. Danie's motto "Mix & Match" has never been translated so beautifully, resulting in yet another high-quality collection of TI SENTO - Milano.

The TI SENTO - Milano x DANIE BLES collection is defined by vintage influences, a mix of gold plating, and cheerful summery colours. Danie was inspired by her favourite holiday destinations, namely Ibiza, Capri and St. Tropez. “For as long as I can remember, I visit small local markets during my holiday, looking for hidden treasures and unique jewellery pieces. In particular, turquoise jewels, a color that always catches my eye!”, according to the stylist. It is therefore no surprise that this fresh color predominates in the TI SENTO - Milano collection made of shiny silver and gold plating.

The TI SENTO – Milano X DANIE BLES collection is available in jewellery stores, in the ByDanie Vintage Store and online at www.tisento-milano.com. Prices range from €69 to €299.

TI SENTO – Milano, Goldsmiths Who Love Silver
Since 2003, TI SENTO – Milano is the leading brand in the field of affordable but handmade jewellery. All TI SENTO – Milano jewels are made from 925 top quality silver. To give the silver an extra shine, the jewels are coated with a platinum layer, which protects against scratches and discoloration. All the gold plated jewellery is made of 925 sterling silver with 3 micron layers of gold.

Danie Bles
Danie started her career as a stylist and is now one of the leading fashion entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Besides having her own shop, her event agency ByDanie, and her own styling training, Danie has been Creative Director of Amsterdam Fashion Week since 2017.

TI SENTO – Milano makes its first foray into China

Amsterdam, 8 april 2019

TI SENTO – Milano, the European jewellery brand, is making its first foray into China and plans to launch officially in the Chinese market later this year.

“In line with our global ambition, the next step for TI SENTO - Milano is to further expand our international presence. After a year of developing and creating our digital foundation, TI SENTO - Milano now takes the silver origin brand into the Chinese Digital landscape to capture the hearts of Chinese women with content, experiences and products obtained in the ways of the future.” says CEO Arjan van Zuylen.

In a recent report of the South China Morning Post[1], it is said that “Chinese women like to mix and match and buy a range of styles to accessorise their outfits for different occasions. “ Known for its iconic designs of quality silver jewellery, TI SENTO – Milano is confident that it will enchant Chinese consumers with its unique appeal of accessible luxury and effortless sophistication.

TI SENTO – Milano has partnered with Five Degrees, a Dutch-Chinese boutique consultancy that helps Western companies enter the Chinese market, with a focus on activating online sales and marketing channels for fashion and lifestyle brands. “In Five Degrees we have found a partner to support us end-to-end and to localise and activate our brand in the Chinese market.” Arjan van Zuylen countinues.

“We are honoured to help TI SENTO – Milano with their exciting journey into China”, says Bei Wang, Chairman of Five Degrees. She emphasises that Chinese consumers are extremely digitally savvy and over the years have become more sophisticated. “With China’s distinctive digital ecosystem, it is crucial to truly understand your target groups and to have a strong and specific customer activation strategy and plan in place.”


[1] https://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/2186014/nice-bit-dull-why-chinas-growing-ranks-affluent-independent-women   


TI SENTO – Milano POP UP Atelier: The journey continues for TI SENTO jewels. They are taking over Amsterdam!

After an exciting Amsterdam Fashion Week runway show, the TI SENTO – Milano jewels and their designers are ready to Meet you.  The looks created by well-known Dutch celebrity stylist Danie Bles, will be on display along with all of their other handcrafted silver jewels. The designers will be working on their next collections and be on-hand to answer questions.

Made exclusively by Goldsmiths who love Silver, these jewels are sure to inspire and enchant you. Mix & Matching is at the core of the TI SENTO brand enabling fans to create their own personal look every time they wear the jewels.

“We wanted to give our fans the opportunity to meet all of our jewels in one shop. To meet our designers and see first-hand how our jewels come to life. Connecting this POP-UP Atelier to the acclaimed Amsterdam Fashion Week was a logical link.” says Arjan van Zuylen, CEO at TI SENTO. 

Danie Bles will be giving a workshop in the POP-UP Atelier on how to Mix & Match TI SENTO jewels to create your own personal look.  Other workshops include getting your nails done by Amsterdam’s newest nail art concept salon Lakwerk, styling tips by Grazia Magazine and not to miss, the open workshop by Luxury Fashion Illustrator Anna Wijnands.

The TI SENTO – Milano POP UP Atelier is open from Tuesday the 12th of March until Sunday the 18th of March 2019.

Press event: Tuesday the 12th of March from 16:00-18:00

For press related questions contact MOOI PR: celine@mooitheagency.com

Event info: https://www.tisento-milano.com/collections/pop-up-atelier






TI SENTO – Milano is taking over Amsterdam with their iconic Mix & Match jewels during Amsterdam Fashion Week!

TI SENTO – Milano will be part of a unique collaboration during this year’s Amsterdam Fashion Week. Maison365, the fashion store owned by the well-known Dutch celebrity stylist Danie Bless, will be creating new looks for the runway with TI SENTO’s jewels.

“Our Mix & Match jewellery will have center stage during the fashion show with Maison365. Combining our jewels to create a personal look is the core of what TI SENTO is all about” says Rosanne Laheij, Country Manager for The Netherlands.

This latest edition of the Amsterdam Fashion Week is focused on fashion, art and design which is a perfect match for TI SENTO – Milano. All of their jewels are made by Goldsmiths who love Silver with special attention given to their design, details and craftsmanship. Their iconic jewels will delight you.

The looks created for this show will be on display in their POP-UP store in Amsterdam the following week.  Meet them, Love them, Dance with them…

The complete program for AFW can be found here: https://amsterdamfashionweek.nl/afw-studio-01/

For press related questions contact Céline at MOOI PR: celine@mooitheagency.com

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TI SENTO – Milano POP UP Atelier

Huidenstraat 13 –H
Tuesday March 12th to Sunday March 17th 2019