SS17 Liberation


Inspired by nature’s flow and transparency.

Understanding  and accepting who we are gives us a profound feeling of  liberation

Jewellery with circular, rounded shapes, blue hues and easy to combine.

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SS17 Embrace


Feeling the warm glow on your skin.

Dissolving boarders between us, creates a level playfield for us all .

Jewellery in a pastel palette, forming combination in soft, pinkish hues.

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SS17 Combine


Natural materials in watery liquid tones.

Searching to reconnect we find at the human level what we need to embrace.

Jewellery with natural materials  like pearl and mother of pearl in,  earthly soft warm tones.

SS17 Ringen


TI SENTO - Milano rings are designed by our own in-house ...

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SS17 Armbanden


Finished in great detail. The fastener and hinges are part ...

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SS17 Hangers & Colliers

Necklaces & pendants

Choose a long statement necklace or combine a short necklace ...

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SS17 Oorbellen & Oorbedels

Earrings & ear charms

Combine the shape, colour and design of our favourite earring ...

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