Spring Summer 2022

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Blue Hues

The coffee bean is a classic shape. At TI SENTO – Milano, you will find classic shapes like these, but always with a twist. The azure-like colours make this design more playful.

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Ocean Treasures

The Spring/Summer 2022 collection is heavily inspired by the sea – including its mysterious, largely unknown underwater world.

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Sea Urchin

‘The TI SENTO – Milano design vocabulary is rich with symbolism. For example, this item is a naturally shaped alternative to our iconic flower bud. It’s inspired by the creatures you find beneath the water surface, such as the barnacles, sea urchins and their relatives. The pendant has become a combination of all of them.’

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Tiny Art

‘By mixing and matching different styles, you constantly reinvent the pieces you already own. In that way, they come to life and become an expression of the self.’

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