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Gold-plated silver rings

Our TI SENTO gold-plated rings, made out of 925 sterling silver and plated with 18k gold, are crafted to the highest goldsmith standards. All our gold-plated silver pieces are completely nickel-free and hypoallergenic. Dive into our wide range of vintage yellow gold-plated rings and dainty rose gold ones, chunky gold-plated rings and playful stacking rings.

Gold-plated sterling silver rings offer the best of both worlds, they are precious, durable and affordable. So before diving into our ring styles, we’re keen to talk you through all there is to know about these exquisite jewels. First things first…

What does gold-plated jewellery actually mean?

A gold-plated jewel is a piece of metal jewellery that has been coated with a layer of gold. All our gold-plated jewels have 925 sterling silver as their metal base. Sterling silver is the highest quality metal for gold plating because it ensures the best shine and durability as opposed to other commonly used and less valuable metals such as stainless steel, nickel or copper.

But with so many gold-plated rings to choose from…

How to know which gold-plated jewellery is the best?

When choosing a gold-plated item, the key things to look out for are:

-  the base metal of the jewel

- the thickness of the plating

- the karats of gold

As we already mentioned, all our gold-plated jewels have 925 sterling silver as their metal base which is definitely the most durable and precious metal to have for your jewellery.

In terms of thickness, our gold-plated jewels boast a good 3-micron layer of gold that is plated on the sterling silver base. For those of you wondering what a micron is, it is simply a unit of length, one micron equals 0.001 of a millimetre. In the jewellery industry, the layer of plating can range from 0.5 to 2.5 microns or higher. When a jewel is plated with 2.5 microns of gold or more, then it’s considered to be “heavy gold-plated”. Thus, at TI SENTO, you’ll find one of the thickest platings available out there which means your gold-plated jewellery will last much longer!

As far as karats go, we choose 18k gold for plating our jewels. Karat is the unit used to indicate how much gold is present in a jewel, pure gold being 24k. 18k means that the gold makes up for 75% of the metals and the remaining 25% is made up of alloys which make the jewel harder and stronger, ensuring more durability. At TI SENTO, we use 18k gold because of its distinctive appearance for both yellow and rose gold plating.


Yellow gold-plated rings

18k yellow gold has a distinctive warm and sunny appearance that confers to our yellow gold-plated rings a real luxurious appeal. Our collection of yellow gold-plated silver pieces includes a wide range of styles, shapes and inspirations. From minimalist bands, classic pieces with an edge, newly vintage pieces, Art Deco-inspired rings and gold-plated chunky rings. Even the simplest design is never predictable. Every piece has its own distinctive charm and is designed to surprise.

18k yellow gold adds a touch of vintage light to anything you do. Decorate your hands with noble tones of yellow gold.

Rose gold-plated rings

18k rose gold plating has a distinctive champagne rose colour that conveys romanticism and tenderness. The delicate rose hues give our rose gold-plated rings a soft and incredibly feminine look. Are you more of a statement piece type? Or are you on the look for a distinctive design to combine with your favourite rings? Whether you’re already a rose gold lover or you’re curious to try something new, rose gold-plated rings are a beautiful delicate touch of womanity to give to your hands.


Gold-plated chunky rings

You know better than we do, that what you wear when depends on so many factors. It can range from the time of the day or night, the type of event or activity, and even just your mood or feeling for style on that very day. Gold-plated chunky rings are always eye-catchers, and they really add a luxurious touch to anything you’re wearing. They’re designed to announce your entrance in a room. It’s up to you what finger to wear your gold-plated chunky rings on and whether to wear them alone or pair them with daintier pieces. Either way, you can never go wrong.

Gold-plated minimalist rings

Minimalist bands are the perfect type of ring for ring stacking, for combining with statement pieces or wearing together with others on different fingers. But gold-plated minimalist rings also feature gold-plated rings with stone. These rings include round and rectangular stones in different colours such as translucent yellow, translucent brown, coral red stones and white cubic zirconia. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding a little new to the old and your whole look is refashioned.

Gold-plated stacking rings

Create a ring stack on one finger with two, three or more rings. It’s up to you whether to create a unique eye-catching stack on one of your fingers or create multiple daintier ring stacks on more fingers. There are really no rules when it comes to ring stacking. You can choose to stack multiple stone rings together, or have a stone ring as your centrepiece and stack it with fine bands. In terms of mixing styles, there are infinite possibilities. You can try stacking a gold-plated band with a couple of silver bands, or keeping it all gold by stacking only gold-plated pieces. Pick your favourite pieces and start from there. Play around with what feels and looks good to you!

Do gold-plated rings last?

How long your 18k gold-plated rings last will depend on several factors such as the thickness of the plating, the amount of wear and tear they get and how well you care for them. Gold-plated rings that are well taken care of can last for years. As a rule of thumb, keep them away from the elements water, salt, sweat and humidity.

Do gold-plated rings tarnish?

Yes, over time your 18k gold-plated rings will tarnish. Contrarily to pure gold, which does not tarnish, gold-plated items – having sterling silver as their base metal – are prone to tarnishing. The reason why this occurs is that the molecules of the base metal eventually transfer to the thin layer of gold causing it to tarnish. However, the thicker the plating, the more resistant your piece will be to the tarnishing process. TI SENTO’s thick gold-plating of 3 microns makes your gold-plated silver rings more durable and resistant to tarnishing.

Always bear in mind that how you care for your jewels is essential to their lifespan! We’ll share a few easy tips with you on how to clean your gold-plated rings to allow them to live a long and shiny life.

How to care for your gold-plated silver rings

Clean them

We recommend polishing your 18k gold-plated rings at least once a year and even every 6 months for your most precious pieces. Cleaning them regularly will help you enjoy them for longer. How to clean your gold-plated rings? Well, the infallible method that our goldsmiths recommend is warm water and soap. Here are some easy steps:

  • Pour a few drops of dish detergent in a small bowl of warm (not hot) water (make sure you don’t use antibacterial soap as it may tarnish the gold-plating!)
  • Place your rings in the mixture for a few minutes.
  • Remove and rinse your rings (possibly in lukewarm water to avoid temperature changes).
  • Gently polish your rings with a soft, non-abrasive cloth

Alternatively, you can clean your gold-plated jewels by gently rubbing them with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and you will immediately see them shine!

Avoid water and chemicals

Did you know that fresh water, salty water, and chlorine may damage these precious metals causing them to erode? So, make sure you take off your gold-plated silver rings when showering or swimming. Also, make sure to avoid contact with perfumes, hairsprays, and lotions, the chemicals in them have a corrosive effect on your jewels. Make it a rule that your gold-plated rings are the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night.

Store them

To prevent tarnishing, the best places for your gold-plated silver rings to sleep at night (or during the day if you’re not wearing them) are a pouch, a case, or a jewellery box. What you really want to avoid is humidity and heat, so make sure their storing place is dry, cool, and dark. Make sure your gold-plated pieces are separated from one another to avoid them scratching each other.

How do I know my ring size?

Are you uncertain about what the best ring size for you is? Try out our ring sizer! You can add it to your cart for free and it will guide you to the best ring size. We all know how annoying it feels to order the wrong size. Make your life a little easier with our smart ring sizer!


If you have any questions, doubts or you just fancy sharing your experience, get in touch with our atelier -we’d love to hear from you!