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Silver stone rings

Our TI SENTO – Milano stone rings for women are crafted from premium 925 sterling silver. Stones are set by hand in a variety of different settings and unique in-house designs. The stone colours and types of setting are carefully studied and designed in the TI SENTO Atelier, a space of artistry and creativity where our designers craft with love and passion. Our collection of stone rings for women features both silver rings with stones as well as gold-plated silver stone rings in yellow or rose gold.


Silver stone rings

Our TI SENTO silver stone rings feature a variety of designs such as dainty pavé bands and single stone rings with small or larger stones. Our silver stone rings are classic pieces designed with a modern twist. Handset with cubic zirconia stones or with crystals, these pieces bring light and sophistication to your hands. Mingle our silver stone rings together or combine them with rings without stones to give them the spotlight. However you wear them they are irresistibly elegant.

Silver stone rings with gold

Some of our TI SENTO stone silver rings are crafted with 18k gold plating. Our golden designs range from pavé band rings to single stone rings (such as solitaires) and eye-catching statement stone rings. Our stone rings with gold feature revisited vintage designs and timeless classic pieces. Explore our range of gold-plated silver stone rings and bring their sunshine-like energy with you day and night.

Enamel stone rings

Enamel rings are distinctive pieces that certainly add a touch of style and colour to your hands. Our enamelled stone rings feature a wide range of colours such as coral pink, coral red, turquoise, malachite green, lapis blue and many more. The enamel rings in our collection are timeless designs with a twist of modernity. You can stack two or more enamel pieces together or mingle them with other silver or gold-plated rings to create harmonious and playful combinations.


Our silver stone rings are designed and crafted in a variety of stone setting styles. Here’s an overview of the types of settings used by our designers and artisans that give light to the beautiful TI SENTO stone rings for women.

Bezel settings

In a bezel setting, the stone is set in a completely closed set case (hence, it is also known as closed setting). This type of setting embraces the stone and holds it securely into place. Bezel setting is one of the oldest techniques and remains an excellent method to protect both the girdle (middle) and the pavilion (bottom) of the stone from chips and scratches.

Prong settings

In TI SENTO prong settings, or more precisely claw settings, the stone is held into place by small claws (four small claws are typically TI SENTO). Rounded in the shape of a bead, the claws extend over the stone and hold it into place. Prong settings are timeless and probably the most common setting style, as found for instance in solitaire engagement rings. This type of open setting lets in a great amount of light that catches the stone from multiple angles and creates an incredibly glimmering jewel.

Pavé settings

Meaning ‘paved’ in French, pavé describes a surface paved with stones. Pavé is a method of setting stones so close to each other that it creates a jewel with a uniform and glittering surface. The stones are set by hand in pavé settings by our expert diamond setters.


Galleries, or fretworks, are the decorations on the back of a ring’s set case. The more open a gallery design is, the more light will fall on its stones. Transparent stones, such as cubic zirconia in a brilliant cut, need a closed set case with a small opening in the middle to let the light through. Each season, TI SENTO creates a new pattern design for the fretworks behind its rings. Beauty really lies in the details, so don’t forget to look at the back of your rings 😉


At the TI SENTO atelier, our designers carefully choose the best stone materials to create luxurious silver stone rings with high-quality materials and unique in-house designs. If you’re interested in knowing more about the stones used for our silver rings, then read on!

Cubic zirconia (CZ)

At TI SENTO, the stones used for our silver stone rings are often cubic zirconia stones (CZ). Cubic zirconia is a synthetic stone made out of natural materials; it is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). Cubic zirconia is a hard stone, measuring 8 on the Mohs scale (compared to diamonds that measure 10). Just like diamonds, cubic zirconia stones are naturally colourless, but they can be coloured in a variety of colours during the manufacturing process. In terms of clarity – an important quality factor - cubic zirconia stones feature a triple A. Using cubic zirconia stones – compared to diamonds - allows our jewellery to be more widely affordable whilst maintaining the highest quality standards in design and material.

Pearls with a crystal core

At TI SENTO, for our pearl rings we use pearls with a crystal core. The pearls are made of a precious crystal core covered with a beautiful pearl coating which gives the pearls a flawless, silky-smooth appearance. The weight of crystal pearls is similar to that of cultured pearls and, just like cultured pearls, they warm up when you wear them, adapting to your body temperature. Crystal pearls are durable and resistant to external factors such as scratches, so they can be worn every day without losing their colour and shine!

Synthetic crystals

Synthetic crystals are made of materials that have the same features as crystals. Synthetic crystals are usually softer than cubic zirconia stones and they measure 6-7 on the Mohs scale. Because of the wide variety of available colours and their hardness, many TI SENTO silver stone rings are made using this type of stone.

Mother of pearl doublets

Our mother-of-pearl rings are made up of two layers. A base layer of pearl which is then coated with a second layer of synthetic crystal. Doublets make the mother of pearl stone more durable and resistant as well as creating a beautiful milky play of colours for your mother-of-pearl ring!

Veined stones

Veined stones have an organic structure in a given colour which gives them a veined-marble look. These stone types flaunt the delicate veinings and shades of colour typical of natural stones. Each stone-cut is unique in its pattern, thus each silver stone ring that is handset with these stones will be distinctive in its veined patterns.


Silver rings with coloured stones carry with them a particular energy and feeling depending on their composition, colour, and shape. They are the best way to express yourself and make a statement. Find out more about the meaning of each stone colour and get a few tips on how to combine our silver stone rings with other rings of the collection.

Blue stone rings

Our TI SENTO blue stone rings include dark blue-, lapis blue- and turquoise-coloured stones. Inspired by the dark blue night skies, dark blue and lapis blue stone rings are opulent pieces that carry with them a powerful energy. They are incredibly luxurious and somewhat mystical. Combine them with yellow gold-plated rings for a vintage look or with silver rings for a more subtle classic look. Turquoise blue, on the other hand, is a colour of lightness and joy. Turquoise blue rings are reminders of summer freshness that you can carry with you all year around. Wear a turquoise stone ring and it will bring a pop of colour to your hands and to your look.

Green stone rings

Our silver rings with green stones are sophisticated pieces that inspire us to connect with and radiate love. Green is the colour of nature, and it exudes that calming energy. Our green stone rings include designs with malachite green, translucent green, and emerald green stones. Malachite green stones are opulent. Dark and light greens blend together creating a sense of balance. Our malachite green rings are set by hand in 18k gold-plated settings which create a luxurious vintage appeal. Translucent green stones are handset in 925 sterling silver settings and they bring delicacy and sophistication wherever you bring them. Some of our silver rings are handset with emerald green stones, an opulent colour for classic vintage designs. Emerald green stone colours are known to bring an elevated sense of love and harmony. Mingle them with gold-plated rings to make a statement.

Black stone rings

Black stone rings are the ultimate touch of sophistication. Our black stone rings include midnight black stones, onyx black and black cubic zirconia stones. Black onyx is a powerful hue, incredibly opulent especially when handset in a yellow gold-plated setting. A black stone ring is for bringing grounding and connecting with the energy of the night (don’t get us wrong, they are just as beautiful at night as during the day!). Black onyx stones, in fact, have been used by jewellers for centuries in a variety of different cultures. Let them be the star of your look by combining them with dainty silver or gold-plated pieces or add a pop of colour by stacking them with other coloured stone rings.

Red stone rings

Our TI SENTO red stone rings are handset with vibrant coral red stones. Coral red hues carry with them the warm energy of love and passion. Wearing a red stone ring will bring that vibrant energy with you wherever you go. Our red stone rings come in a variety of different designs, from enamel rings, to rings with single stones. Mingle them together, stack them with gold-plated pieces or wear them on their own. Find your favourite red stone ring and radiate love!

Pink stone rings

Pink is the ultimate feminine colour. Our pink stone rings include a range of different stone types and designs. Coral pink, nude, and fuchsia are the colour hues we love the most. Pink stone rings speak just about that, love. Pink is romantic, dainty, and oh so feminine! Pink stone rings look fabulous combined with our rose gold-plated rings for an even more sentimental and luxurious look.

Pearl stone rings

When it comes to pearls, you can never overdo it. Pearl stone rings are classic pieces redesigned with a touch of modernity and edge. The lustrous white of the pearls brings a sense of elegant sophistication to your hands. Combine pearl rings with our gold-plated rings to create an opulent contrast.