For the occasion of the launch of our blog, TI SENTO uncovers a list of ideas to keep you busy and entertained. Try putting them into practice to make the most of your indoor days.

Let’s zoom into the 10 tips:

#1: Feed your positivity
Firstly, try to look at life with optimism, creating space for positive thoughts and emotions. Don’t forget “if there is a problem, then there is a solution”. Then, find what brings you peace and comfort, be it an activity, music, an image or a photograph…positive visualisation has been proven to reduce anxiety and has a direct influence on our health and wellbeing. Last but not least, emotions arise from our thoughts, we must be kind to them and learn to say “stop!” to doubts and fears that prevent you from being fully happy. On this note, we recommend an Instagram account that will make sure you get your daily “good vibes” replenishment 

#2: Learn something new
Think of this period indoors as an opportunity to learn something new - about yourself or those around you -, to develop skills or talents that you wouldn’t have expected. For example, you could learn to play an instrument, meditate, start a DIY project, or give yourself a beautiful manicure to make your TI SENTO jewels shine even brighter! Our website page “Shop the look” offers plenty of inspiring tips as well as our Pinterest “Wear Her” board.

#3: Create a new routine
Avoid wasting time in unproductive ways. Don’t procrastinate, plan a new daily routine for yourself. Make sure your day-to-day at home is similar to your usual active lifestyle: set an alarm, do homeworking (if you can), get the household chores done, play with your children or your pet, exercise at a fixed time. But above all, don’t do too much day-by-day thinking, your mental wellbeing will extremely benefit from creating new habits and a balanced new routine. Instagram features many lives and IGTVs dedicated to sport, such as that of the yogi Aria @aria.official or the sporty Laury Thilleman @laurythilleman.

#4: Cook some comfort food

There is nothing better than cooking to raise the spirits! TI SENTO shares with you our exclusive Tiramisu recipe to bring out the chef in all of you. 

#5: Keep a bullet journal
The basic idea is to write down your thoughts, emotions and goals in a journal that combines a memo, schedule and diary. A bullet journal helps boost productivity and creativity and allows you to focus on the essentials. Many Instagram and Pinterest posts highlight intimate, colourful and imaginative creations.

#6: Spoil yourself and stay charming
Devote yourself to what makes you feel good. There are thousands of things that we never do because we don’t have the time for it. Now that you have it, use it wisely. Treat yourself on our e-shop and think of a gift for yourself or a loved one, take the time to discover the inspiring stories of our New Spring Summer Collection and discover all our Mix & Match tips to combine our jewels together. The hardest part will be choosing!

#7: Don’t isolate yourself
Devote time to your loved ones, you now have the chance to call them, listen to them and speak to them, whether you live together or not. Don’t hesitate to share with us your good practices via our Facebook page.

#8: Do a big spring clean and rearrange your space
Excessive consumption combined with reduced-size housing makes the art of tidying up your home into a real challenge. Beyond its functional scope aimed at getting rid of the superfluous, tidying up supposedly has therapeutic benefits on our well-being. Marie Kondo expresses this philosophy of life in her bestselling book “The life-changing magic of tidying” and in her Netflix series “Tidying up”. Why not then take advantage of the time at home to clean your house from top to bottom? Or sort out your wardrobe? Last but not least, you could rearrange the space around you by changing the furniture which will give a new lease of life to your interior.

#9: Relax
Practice relaxation by watching movies - many lists are available on the internet - listen to music, meditate, and take the opportunity to read the books that have been lying on your bedside table for a few months. The Audible website or app proposes a free-trial for their audiobooks through this link.

#10: Ask for help if you need any and share your tips 
Among other meanings, TI SENTO means "I hear you" in Italian! Even if it’s only to say "hello”, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by message. We are at your entire disposal to help you, listen to you, and provide you with the best information. Send us photos of the TI SENTO jewellery you wear and share with our entire community your fun tips, flagship recipes and whatever else comes to mind. We are here for you, so don't forget: unity is strength!

With much love,

The TI SENTO team

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Fun fact: Learning new things keeps the mind & spirit young!