What's my size?

Measure your wrist size

What do you need?
• A piece of twine or a slip of paper (not too wide)
• A ruler or measuring tape

• Wrap the piece of twine or slip of paper not too tight and not too loose around your wrist (just above the wrist bone, seen from the fingers.)
• Draw a line on the piece of twine or slip of paper at the place where both ends meet.
• Measure with a ruler or measuring tape the length up until the line.
• Use your wrist size below to see our advice for a bracelet size.

Wrist size & advice

Our advice for your wrist

Wrist Size Advice bracelet size
Below 14.0cm  S will fit loose
14.0cm - 15.4cm S
15.5cm S will fit tighter, M will fit looser
15.6cm - 17.4cm M
17.5cm M will fit tighter, L will fit looser
17.6cm - 19.5cm L
Above 19.5cm L will fit tight


 Everyone has a personal preference for how tight or loose a bracelet should fit your wrist. The combination of wrist size and bracelet size above should therefore be taken as an advice.