Dive into the world of gold-plated jewellery with TI SENTO. Find out why our jewels boast the highest rank of gold-plating.

Each TI SENTO jewellery piece has been crafted by hand with the highest quality sterling silver. Additionally, some of our jewels are gold-plated with 18k rose or yellow gold. But what does it actually mean? And is gold-plated jewellery any good?

Well, we say: yes, of course! But why?
Let us clear things up for you.

What does gold-plating mean for jewellery?
When a jewel is gold-plated, a thin layer of gold coats the surface of another metal, in our case 925 sterling silver. It has a very attractive finish, and really does look like solid gold jewellery!
Is gold-plated jewellery real gold then?
Yes, it is indeed!

However, the amount of gold used is little, therefore gold-plated jewellery cannot hold the same value as gold does. Hence, a gold-plated TI SENTO pendant, for instance, will be more affordable than a solid gold one, whilst not compromising on its high-quality materials.

How pure is the gold of TI SENTO jewels?

Our jewels are all 18-karat gold plated, which means that the gold makes up for 75% of the metals and the remaining 25% are alloys which make it harder and stronger, ensuring more durability.
18k yellow gold-plated pieces have a warm and sunny appearance giving them an extremely luxurious appeal, whereas our rose gold-plated jewels have a soft champagne rose colour which makes the pieces look soft and feminine.

How thick is our layer of gold-plating?

In the jewellery industry, the layer of plating can range from 0.5 to 2.5 or higher (one micron equals 0.001 of a millimetre).
All TI SENTO jewels are gold-plated with a 3-micron layer to ensure the highest rank of plating. Our heavy gold-plating ensures maximum durability and radiance for our silver jewels.

How to look after gold-plated jewellery?

Taking good care of your pieces is essential to ensure they live a longer and shinier life. So, here are a few basics:

• Always put your jewels on last, after make-up and perfumes.
• Make sure your lotion has been absorbed by your skin before wearing your jewels.
• Don’t wear your pieces whilst you are exercising or doing heavy work, sweat causes it to tarnish.
• Don’t go swimming or shower with your jewels. Chlorine and salty water can damage it.
• After use, clean your jewellery pieces with a soft cloth to remove any dirt, helping restore its lustre. Avoid polishing cloths or abrasive cleaners as they will make your jewels tarnish more quickly.
• From time to time, you can clean your jewels with warm, soapy water. Let it soak for a few minutes and then dry it with a soft cloth.
• Stow your jewels in a safe place. Keep your gold-plated bracelets separate from your necklaces and rings, for example. A jewellery box is their ideal home!

Hopefully, we cleared up some essentials on our gold-plated silver jewellery and how to care for it.

Still in doubt about something? We’d be thrilled to answer any of your questions on our beloved jewellery pieces. Get in touch with us here.

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